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I'am Ibette, pastry chef since 2016, I specialize in making custom cakes. My goal is to make the most amazing cakes that I or my customers can imagine.

No matter how small or big your party is, we can make your cake look wonderful!


Ibedy's Art Cake, Born after finding myself in my duty as a mother to care for my children, one of them with a delicate illness that required my care. Taking advantage of my time even more, I wanted to start selling simple cakes, and this was only once or twice a month, until one day a person asked me for a personalized cake, I took the challenge and discovered that God had given me a talent to do it, This sparked my interest in studying the art of cake making, and after having made hundreds of custom cakes with the support of my family and friends I made the decision to open Ibedy's Art Cake LLC at Bryant city.

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